Circular flow of materials

BiobarcTM helps companies move away from a linear model where products are made, used and sent to landfill. 

By protecting the substrate material and allowing a high percentage to be reclaimed, companies can extract value from their waste. And preserve the earth’s raw materials.


Repulpability specifically refers to the ability to turn paper back into pulp. 

Traditional coatings can prevent this. 

We’ve specifically developed BiobarcTM to allow paper and card to be repulped.

BiobarcTM coated paper has achieved 97.1% fibre yield on a standard 205gsm (42#) linerboard. 85% fibre yield is considered acceptable in the US whilst 95% is required in Europe.

We worked with Western Michigan University to test according to the Fibre Box Association (FBA) Voluntary Protocol Part I.


Recyclability is the ability for a material to be processed back into the same or similar raw material after use. 

Globally, paper already has a high rate of recycling (68%) in comparison to plastic.

Our coating protects paper during use and allows for a high level of fibre recovery. Making recycling viable. Each tonne of cardboard that’s recycled because it’s coated with BiobarcTM captures and stores the same amount of CO2 as 3.7 acres of forest in 1 year.

We worked with Western Michigan University to test according to the Fibre Box Association (FBA) Voluntary Protocol Part II.


Compostability means a material can be broken down by bacteria, fungi, or other biological means into hummus (nutrients for the soil).

When we tested our coatings in our home compost, they fully broke down. 

And we’re in the process of getting third-party tests for both home and industrial compostability.


Bio-based refers to materials derived from living organisms (either plant or animal). Whether used in natural form or synthesised.

All our products are certified as 100% bio-based carbon by the USDA BioPreferred program. 

This tests that the carbon they contain comes from renewable resources–and not from petroleum or fossil-derived sources.

How BiobarcTM decomposes

BiobarcTM breaks down naturally within 42 days. And what’s left behind isn’t harmful to natural ecosystems.

Drag the counter to see how BiobarcTM decomposes

Day 0 Day 42

Industry perspective

“Even as packaging moves away from single-use plastics, alternatives often rely upon coatings that hinder the recyclability of the material beneath. The industry has yearned for a low-cost, natural coating substance for a longtime. Earthodic, our latest investment, is set to provide just that.”

Ben Lindsay, Investment Manager at Investible

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